Welcome to my blog. A special welcome if you are not me. If you are a member of my family or one of my friends, judge me kindly. If you are none of that lot, then an even greater welcome, though you must be lost.

My favourite ride of the holiday. It’s a long slog out of Deveses, up through Orba, Murla and Benigembla. I started kinda early and there is still a lot of mist about before the sun has revved up and started to toast the countryside. By the time I reach the foot of the mountain and the wiggly track up it, I’ve climbed 1200 ft from the coast and sea level, actually half way up, tho from here it gets considerably steeper. This side of the mountain is gorgeous, it’s still a single track road through vineyards and fig trees, and barely made in places. Nearer the top the road gets more substantial and by the time I reach the summit and the Venta el Collao restaurant (still shut at this early hour) it’s a proper, somewhat straighter road and a blast for the fast descent through Benimaurell, Fleix and Campell. I stop just before Campell and make for the track from the road that has the best view. It used to have a bench there, always welcome especially if you have been coming the other way up the hill, but it looks like somebody has thrown it off the cliff. Then back to drop into Orba again and onward to home. Basically, it’s downhill all the way from the restaurant and doesn’t take too long at all. Loved it.